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    Farid Pardashunas
    Technote Media
    Technote is a media company operating in native language in technology, science, movie, automotive and game field. We offer you our advertisement service as a media company
    Our User Base: 25000 user and 70000 view monthly
    37000 facebook fans
    *Our users purely interested in technology. Our statistics and information about users has shown in below
    Advantages of placing advertisements in our site:
    - Your ads will seen by people who interested in technology.
    - By using our ads service we will publish an article about your company or product once a week.
    Our Advertisiment Prices
    Full banner ads 100%: NO!
    Ads inside an article 100%: 300 AZN
    Ads on side 100%: 100 AZN
    *Service fee is planned for 1 month. 100% means only your ads will shown in this field. Accepting no more than 3 ads on our site increase effectiveness of your brand advertising.
    Publishing an article about your company and product.
    Minumum count of reading an article -2000 person
    Price for 1 article – 100 AZN

    contact: 051 551 28 02
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